~Lover of an Untamed Tiger~

All music is my life. Japanese music is my sanity. My friends are my world. My love is my anchor.

There won't be much here that makes sense unless you have some idea of the type of person I am. And really, it's not that hard to figure me out, if you've patience enough.

I share a birthday with Tora, of Alice Nine. This is my one HAPPY claim to fame. It makes getting older alright, since I celebrate with him.

~~September 17~~



one flight safety lecture you wouldn’t mind attending

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John Barrowman doing an impersonation of David Tennant when they discovered Jack Harkness was the Face of Boe.


my l;ungs ohg od

Oh my god I’m pissing, I can’t.

his “you’re not gonna belieeeeeeeeeve it” is my favourite sound in the whole world okay

I have replayed this seventeen times already, IT NEVER GETS OLD!


Don’t let Tumblr make you believe:

  • that planet earth
  • turns
  • slowly
  • it’s hard to say that i’d rather stay
  • awake when i’m asleep
  • but everything is never as it seems
  • when i fall asleep


let’s talk about Nao’s third stick…..

oh my fucking gods

Way to walk into that face first, Pooh-san!

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「zephyr」 by sukekiyo @ Radio NACK5 「BEAT SHUFFLE」 2014.04.11

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